Hospital Chaplaincy

Welcome to the spiritual care at the University Hospital in Malmö (SUS). Whoever you are and whatever your faith may be, as a patient, friend or family you can always contact us if you are in need of backup or if you want to meet someone who just listens to you.

We are five priest/deacons from the Lutheran Church of Sweden and from other protestant churches working here together. As chaplains we follow an obligation of secrecy and we never write down any notes nor do we act missionary. Just give us a call or ask your nurse to contact us if you wish to get in touch. We come to all floors within the hospital in Malmö, including psyciatrical care. We can even provide a prayer, the Holy Communion, baptism and other religious rituals at hospital.

We have good contact with other religions and with chaplains who speak other languages than Swedish and English. Do you wish to meet someone from another congregation, such as Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist or Orthodox, do not hesitate to contact us or to call them yourself.

There are two Room of Silence at the hospital, för meditaion, prayer, or to listen to live music on Thursdays at 12.15 pm. Welcome!