Make That Change

Opening on Saturday March 2, at 4 pm!
Our longing for a new way to worship will finally come true!
Make That Change is a new worship service (with Eucharist) that is celebrated at 4 pm on Saturdays in St John’s church (see dates below). Music is a large part of the service, and Gospel Rose choir and a band is the framwork for this. We would love for you to join the singing too! We have a large screen where all of the lyrics and texts will be posted, so that you can follow along easily. We will also share the playlists on Spotify beforehand.
The services will be held on Swedish and English, and a translation will, when possible, be offered on the screen.
Every worship service has an important and relevant theme. How do we stand our own bodies? What is my worth? What do I do with all of my anger? How will I dare?

Dates and themes for this spring
March 2, 4 pm: Self Care
March 30, 4 pm: The body
April 27, 4 pm: Wrath
May 25, 4 pm: Fearless

Additional information

Listen to the songs played in the mass

Gospel Rose Choir
AnnaKajsa Svärd – choir leader

Anders Juhlin – piano
Jon Hillerborg – guitarr
Mathias Tofte – base
Rasmus Svensson – drums

Maria Bergius – Priest
Clara Nystrand – Priest
Alf Jönsson – sound engineer

AnnaKajsa Svärd
[email protected]

Maria Bergius
[email protected]