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The Church of Sweden is open to everyone living in Sweden regardless of nationality. It is a place for church services, meetings and dialogue. The Church of Sweden is an Evangelical Lutheran church. The majority of the inhabitants in Sweden are members.

Saint Petri Church in Malmö is a gothic church in the old center of the town. It was built in the 14th century and entails features from every century since. Notable are the medieval wallpaintings in the Merchants chapel and the imposing wooden altarpiece from 1611.

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Opening hours
10-18 every day

Visiting groups
A church is a house of God, a room for constant reverence, worship and prayer and not merely for the duration of services. Therefore we would appreciate that group members respect this and keep their voices down when entering the church.

Groupleaders/guides, please report your group at the information desk before entering into the church. Please, note that no sightseeing is permitted 20 minutes before and during our services. Make sure that the particular time for your visit is possible by contacting the church at +46-40-27 90 43.