About the organs in St Petri church

We are very pleased that the 700-year anniversary of St Petri church coincides with the installation of the new organ. The inauguration of the organ at the organ festival represents one of the special events during this anniversary year where we not only look back in time but also set our sights firmly on the future.
St Petri has previously been home to one of the oldest still-functioning medieval organs in the world, and now one of Europe’s largest organs, and the world’s most modern organ, is being installed.

Four organs have seen the light of day at St Petri church

The Genarp Organ was installed around 1500. With its 21 stops, it was unusually large for its time. After visiting Genarp church for a while, it has since 1937 been installed at the Skovgaard Hall at Malmö Museum, and is considered one of the oldest still-functioning organs in the world.

The Tullström Organ was inaugurated in 1797 and was built by the Swedish organ-maker Olof Schwan from Stockholm. It was used until 1914 and had 34 stops. The Gustavian façade still adorns the organ gallery to this day.

The Walcker Organ was inaugurated in 1914 and was built by the German firm E F Walcker & Co., Ludwigsburg. The existing façade from 1797 was retained for the organ, which was, with its 73 stops, very modern for its time. The echo organ above the south aisle was a new addition, and the chancel organ under the arch behind the altar was also installed at this time.

The Marcussen Organ
, built by the Danish firm Marcussen & Søn in Åbenrå, was inaugurated in 1951. It is this organ that has been restored and coupled together with the new Klais organ and the echo organ, as well as the chancel organ from 1914. The Marcussen organ has 84 stops and a Rückpositiv (or “chair organ”), the façade of which was designed by cathedral architect Eiler Graebe.

At the time of each new organ being built, some of the older pipes were reused. In this way, each new organ installation has been a combination of the past and the future.

The Klais Organ, which is being installed in the spring of 2019, is being built as a completely new chancel organ. Through the use of digital technology, it will be connected to the Marcussen organ in the organ gallery and the echo organ, as well as the chancel organ behind the altarpiece – four organs in one!

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