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In the spring of 2019, the world’s most modern organ is being installed at St Petri church – an organ to put the town on the map.

The new organ concept “New sounds at St Petri” comprises four organs integrated in a single console, which will be placed in the chancel. The organ will be the largest in northern Europe in terms of manuals and registers – 205 registers, including transmissions and carillons – and with the use of touchscreens, the new organ’s sonic potential is endless.

New Sounds at St Petri

The new organ will be 14 metres tall, with six manuals and over 200 different stops. In addition, two old organs that have not been used in several decades are being renovated and connected to the new organ via a console in the chancel.

Powerful experience

Visitors to the church will have a powerful musical experience as music flows out from all corners of the church. The organ will be the most modern in the world, utilising touchscreens instead of traditional organ stops. “We are invested in making St Petri Malmö’s music church, and we also want to continue to build bridges to musical life beyond the walls of the church. Until now, the organist would sit in the gallery, almost like a phantom, unable to fully take part in church services. However, when the console and the organist are positioned in the chancel, there is a new closeness to choir, minister and congregation,” explains organist Carl Adam Landström, project leader for the organ project.

No limits

For Carl Adam Landström, there are no musical limits for which genres emanate from the organ pipes. He himself has performed concerts of film and game music. “The organ is the church’s orchestra. It can play the trumpet, flute and even drums. Above all, it can control and express a variety of emotions that other instruments cannot reach.”

Restoration of the older organs was completed in 2016, and the new chancel organ will be inaugurated 27 April 2019.

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